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Long Way Home

A movement piece that explores the journey of mass migration in the face of dire straits; inspired by the brutal exoduses suffered by generations of people who are caught in the crosshairs of wars, natural disasters, and pandemics. This work was done in collaboration with British composer and movement artist Seirian Griffiths and Polish dancer Aleksandra Nalepa. The film featured as a jury selection at the film festival by Jacob Jonas the Company.

Enclosed and Unbound

A movement piece exploring the journey of discovering the conflicted dualities that exist within us, embracing it, and letting it drive us. This work was done in collaboration with a British movement artist and composer, Seirian Griffiths. This film premiered at the film festival by Jacob Jonas the Company.


A movement piece that explores Inertia through movement. This film premiered at the film festival by Jacob Jonas the Company.


An autobiographical dance film directed and edited by Pritha in association with Aman Prasad, Smoke Screen, Claire Ciserella, Naomi Bates, and Seirian Griffiths. Choreography is based in part on prompts provided by Jacob Jonas the Company and Kyana Burgess.

Translating Tagore

A series of films based on translations of poems and songs by Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali poet, philosopher, and writer.​ This work is in collaboration with Smoke Screen and Adrienne Ravez. Rantideb Mukherjee developed the concept and translated the poems.

Emergent patterns

Emergent patterns arise from the individual interaction with results in group property which is not seen at the individual level. Pritha Kundu from ATA demonstrates this phenomenon using dance and video editing.

Rolling across worlds

Rolling across worlds is a shadow movement piece that explores the concept of alternate realities through shadow.


Perspective is a movement short film directed and performed by Pritha Kundu with a subtle story to it. Perspective explores different perspectives of each movement and how the essence of each movement changes with it.


Help is an experimental improvisational movement piece that explores one's ability and inability to ask for help


Transcendence is a Movement piece that explores one's identity and being through movement.

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